Memory Lane

Heritage Plaque Program

The Peace Country Historical Society Heritage Plaque Program honours historical places, people and events throughout the Alberta Peace River Country with pictorial plaques on existing buildings, similar to the “Memory Lane” project done for Grande Prairie’s 100th anniversary.


a historic site

You can nominate a historic site in your community, but keep in mind that if the building has already been recognized as a federal, provincial or municipal heritage site, it does not qualify for this project. There must also be a relevant photograph available from someone in the community or in a museum or archives.

The plaque will contain an 11 x 14 in. photograph and a description of the site or person being honored. Please provide the following information for your nomination:

  • What building/happening in your area should be commemorated?
  • When (what date) did the event occur, or when was the building built?
  • Who was involved?
  • Why is the building/event significant?
  • Where is the building for the proposed plaque located?


Heritage Plaque

A.M. Bezanson was the founder of the Beazanson Townsite that was located on a bench of land above the confluence of the Smoky and Simonette Rivers approximately 12 kms southeast of the current Hamlet of Bezanson.

The plaque has been a great addition to Lefty’s Café!  Lots of customers take a few moments to read the history about how Bezanson got its name and comment that it was very interesting.

It has prompted many conversations and dialogue with our guests!  Guests are appreciative of the history that is provided!  We are thrilled to have it in Lefty’s and display it with honour!  Thank you for choosing Lefty’s to display it!

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Raelyn and Ray Peterson

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